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Saving Lives with Trusted Recovery Donations

Organ and tissue transplantation are in the throes of medical revolution, saving or improving lives for millions of critically injured or ill patients. Donated skin enhances recovery from critical burns, post-mastectomy breast reconstruction, complex surgeries, and soft tissue repair. Donated corneas can avert or correct blindness. Donor heart valves help repair cardiac defects or damage. Bone, cartilage, and tendon grafts help restore function in incapacitated or disabled patients. These life-saving and enhancing procedures would not be possible without the generosity of those willing to donate their organs and tissues to better the lives of others.


Our Partners, for Life

The Acelity Recovery Partnership Program is the first link in a connection that saves and enhances lives. Our Tissue Recovery Partners are skilled medical specialists who ensure that donated tissue is recovered according to rigorous technical and regulatory standards and with the highest respect for donors and their families. Their dedication makes it possible to provide allograft tissues to patients in critical need.

Our Promise

Our Tissue Recovery Partners make it their priority to ensure these precious gifts are honored and used appropriately. At Acelity, we compliment this partnership with dedicated services from our expert Tissue Services Support Team. The foundation of our support lies in two essential principles:


Honor the Donation
We’re committed to facilitating our Tissue Recovery Partners’ ability to honor the gift of donation.  We provide extensive support and training to facilitate our partners abilities to maximize the recovery of these gifts. 

Optimize the Gift

One of the most important commitments we can make is to prepare these gifts to provide the most clinical benefit possible to patients in need. Our advanced processing technology greatly expands the clinical application of allograft tissue by reducing the historical biological barriers of rejection and chronic inflammation, allowing transplanted grafts to work as scaffolds for tissue regeneration. Our tiered donor review process along with our processing has lead to no documented cases of disease transmission in over 1.4 million grafts distributed or implanted.



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