Abdominal Surgery

Better Results for Ab Wall Procedures

Millions of abdominal wall surgeries are performed globally each year. A common abdominal procedure is hernia repair which also includes complex abdominal wall reconstruction (CAWR).

With decades of experience researching, improving, and innovating abdominal wall procedures, Acelity products are trusted by surgeons worldwide. And STRATTICE™ Reconstructive Tissue Matrix (RTM) is the most studied biological tissue matrix in hernia repair, with more than 90 peer-reviewed articles.*
*Searches performed on PubMed, Google, Google Scholar and ScienceDirect® in June 2016.
**Correlation of these results to results in humans is not established.

The Science Behind Our Ab Wall Products

A pre-clinical study has shown STRATTICE™ Tissue Matrix regenerates through cell repopulation, white cell migration, and rapid revascularization.1**

Why It Matters

CAWR has significant detrimental effects on the well being of patients in terms of productivity lost and reduced quality of life.2,3 Moreover, these patients are at high risk of subsequent readmissions and reoperations due to multiple comorbidities or failure of the initial repair, which can have further significant physical, social and emotional repercussions for patients.2,4
Re-hospitalization and reoperations not only impact patient quality of life, but have significant financial impact on health systems and require significant physician time investment, thereby reducing hospital efficiency and increasing costs.3,5

Complex Abdominal Wall Surgery

Use of STRATTICE™ Tissue Matrix in challenging hernia repair has been demonstrated in more than 90 peer-reviewed publications and has been shown to have a:*,**
  • High success rate
  • Low recurrence rate
  • Less than 0.3% average explantation rate reported in all peer-reviewed Complex AWR publications tracking explantations
*Searches performed on PubMed, Google, Google Scholar and ScienceDirect® in June 2016.
**Each study was considered independent during calculation. Studies may contain overlapping patient populations. Percentage based on weighted average.

Open Abdomen Management

Open abdomen is a surgical technique, also known as a laparostomy, in which the fascia is left open intentionally to avoid elevation of intra-abdominal pressure and where surgical re-exploration is desirable. Temporary abdominal closure (TAC) is achieved using a dressing or technology intended to protect the exposed viscera.

Clinician Resources

Acelity provides support for patients facing abdominal wall surgery with products like STRATTICE™ Tissue Matrix, which provides soft tissue support for the repair of hernia or body wall defects requiring the use of reinforcing or bridging material to obtain the desired surgical outcome. 
Acelity provides advanced negative pressure therapies and post-operative dressings designed to manage and protect closed surgical incisions.

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