Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

Deep Commitment to the Reconstructive Community

Our partnerships with leading surgeon innovators allow us to expand treatment options and improve care for the reconstructive surgery patient.
Our industry-leading technologies are used in a wide range of reconstructive procedures including:
  • Breast reconstruction surgery post mastectomy
  • ENT surgery such as injection laryngoplasty and parotidectomy
  • Otolaryngology/head and neck surgery including facial reconstruction as a result of trauma, disease or congenital defect
  • Orthopedic soft tissue repair for tendon and ligament
  • Skin grafting for burns
  • Dental for periodontal gum repair
  • Pelvic floor reconstruction to provide support for weakened tissue

The Science Behind Our Products

Tissue processing and regenerative medicine are the foundation of our tissue repair and fat grafting technologies.

The Science Behind Our Therapies

Our in-depth understanding of the science of tissue processing and regenerative medicine is the foundation of our innovative solutions. We provide tissue repair technologies for a broad range of applications. In addition, our cutting-edge, fat processing solutions help surgeons to achieve natural looking, aesthetic results for patients.
Regenerative Tissue Technology
Regenerative Tissue Technology

ALLODERM™ Regenerative Tissue Matrix

ALLODERM™ Tissue Matrix provides soft tissue reinforcement or replacement in breast reconstruction post mastectomy and allows for rapid revascularization and regeneration.
CYMETRA™ Micronized ALLODERM™ Tissue is an option for surgeons to use for injection laryngoplasty to provide structural support and to effectively treat deficient vocal cords.
  • REVOLVE™ System

    REVOLVE™ System enables high-volume, autologous fat grafting, delivering fast, reliable results. REVOLVE™ System offers surgeons an easy, efficient, closed system that enables high volume fat processing in less than 10 minutes. This means a shorter procedure that delivers a natural way to create shaping and contouring

Clinical Resources

Acelity provides a range of clinically proven tissue repair technologies for plastic and reconstructive surgery. We provide extensive medical education, training and clinical grants to advance science and surgical techniques in plastic surgery. Acelity is the exclusive sponsor of the first US-based nationwide registry of fat grafting procedures.

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