Quantcast Acelity - TIELLE™ Hydropolymer Adhesive Dressing with LIQUALOCK™ Advanced Absorption Technology

TIELLE™ Hydropolymer Adhesive Dressing with LIQUALOCK™ Advanced Absorption Technology

TIELLE™ Dressing
TIELLE™ Dressing
TIELLE™ Dressing with folded corner
TIELLE™ Dressing with folded corner

TIELLE™ Dressing with LIQUALOCK™ Advanced Absorption Technology is an Adhesive Foam Dressing for Low to Moderately Exuding Wounds

When the clinical choice is made to initiate moist wound healing with a foam dressing, TIELLE™ Dressing effectively manages the fluid away from the wound bed to help prevent skin maceration and leakage. Excess wound fluid causes skin maceration and wound breakdown. Removal of this fluid from the wound bed and surrounding skin can promote wound healing.
TIELLE™ Dressing may be worn for up to 7 days depending on the wound conditions and exudate levels, which may result in fewer dressing changes. Fewer dressing changes helps save time and costs.

How it Works


TIELLE™ Dressing — Designed not to leak

TIELLE™ Dressing is comprised of 3 layers:
  1. LIQUALOCK™ Advanced Absorption Technology layer locks fluid away to reduce the risk of maceration, excoriation and leakage2,4
  2. A superabsorbent non-woven wicking layer*** distributes fluid across the dressing, maximizing moisture vapor transmission2
  3. A moisture permeable polyurethane backing, with skin-friendly adhesive, facilitates moisture vapour transfer
Absorbency and fluid handling
  • TIELLE™ Dressing helps maintain a moist wound healing environment by combining absorbency with moisture vapor transmission1,2,3
  • The hydropolymer layer expands and conforms to the wound bed2,3
  • Fluid is continuously transferred away from the wound bed through the combination of absorbency and moisture vapor transmission2
  • The use of TIELLE™ Dressing may lead to a reduction in the number of required dressing changes2
  • The hydropolymer is designed not to gel out, liquify, or break down, minimizing the risk of particles left behind3,5
  • The skin-friendly adhesive border assists and facilitates pain-free removal5
  • The polyurethane backing is shower-proof, vapor permeable and protects against external contamination2,3,5,6
* Mellor J. and Boothman S. TIELLE® hydropolymer dressings: wound responsive technology, The Exudate Supplement Part two P14-17. Br J Nurs Vol 12 No 20 & Br J, Community Nurs Vol 8 No.11  
** Schulze, H-J. Clinical Evaluation of TIELLE* Plus dressing in the management of exuding chronic wounds. Clinical Evaluation. Oct 2003:18-22

***No wicking layer present on 7cm x 9cm dressing.
LIQUALOCK™ Advanced Absorption Technology
LIQUALOCK™ Advanced Absorption Technology

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Product Information

Indications & Applications

Indications & Applications

Indications for Use

When to use it?
Can be used in low to moderately exuding, partial and full thickness wounds, including:
  • Pressure ulcers
  • Lower extremity ulcers, e.g., venous, arterial and mixed aetiology
  • Diabetic ulcers
  • Donor sites
Suitable for use with compression therapy. Can be used both as a primary or a secondary dressing.
Anything else?
  • Has a wear time of up to 7 days, depending on the level of exudate
  • The unique adhesive allows:
  • Repositioning on initial application
  • Dressing flexibility to conform to difficult to dress areas
  • Skin-friendly removal, with sterile water technique5
Please refer to the full instructions for use in the packaging insert.

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