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TIELLE™ Packing Hydropolymer Dressing with LIQUALOCK™ Technology

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TIELLE™ Packing Hydropolymer Dressing
TIELLE™ Packing Hydropolymer Dressing
TIELLE™ Packing Exploded
TIELLE™ Packing Exploded

TIELLE™ Packing Dressing is a Highly Absorbent Foam Packing Layer, Ideal for Chronic & Deep Cavity Wounds

The low adherent properties and conformability to the wound bed make it a suitable dressing choice to pack deep cavity wounds. Excess wound fluid causes skin maceration and wound breakdown. Removal of this fluid from the wound bed and surrounding skin can promote wound healing.
Before use, physicians should review complete risk information and essential prescribing information which can be found in the Product Instructions for Use. To order any of the products listed below, please call +1 800-275-4524.

TIELLE™ Packing Dressing 3¾” x 3¾”

Ordering Option Product Code
10 Eaches per carton
5 Cartons per box
12 Boxes per case
HCPCS Code A6215

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