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Sr. Director of Market Development and Commercial Operations Masako Murakami finds fulfillment in overcoming obstacles and developing herself through the challenges she faces both professionally and personally. Professionally, she is inspired by all of the women in leadership that she has encountered over the years. She enjoys learning from their personalities and ways of leading, while developing her skills to be uniquely her own. When she’s not challenging herself at work, Masako can be found studying the Japanese theater play, “Kabuki.” She has studied this traditional art form for over thirty years and prides herself on knowing most of the historical background, authors and classical words used throughout, even though she says she has a lot more to learn.
#womenofKCI #internationalwoman #womensmonth #womeninbusiness

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Our team is excited to greet all attendees here at #AAEFNursing in Vienna for Day 2 of our German language forum dedicated to members of the Nursing Community. We urge all attendees to engage with our speakers during the discussion sessions and don't forget to meet our fantastic team at the innovation hubs who will be happy to answer any questions you might have! #KCIMedicalEducation

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Senior Director of Marketing for #KCI UK Tanya Childs strives to live out the belief instilled in her by her mother - that absolutely anything is possible if you want it and work hard enough for it. That belief has taken Tanya far in her 20 years in the wound care industry, most recently aiding her in developing the new marketing structure at KCI and creating a team with the right mix of experience and fresh perspective to excel. It also has helped her achieve numerous goals in her personal life, such as commissioning a painting for the mayor in her hometown and instilling that same belief in her young daughter who has dreams of becoming a mermaid, something Tanya believes she one day will figure out how to achieve.
#WomenofKCI #Internationalwoman #globalfootprint

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