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May 28, 2019
KCI Celebrates International Clinical Trials Day
KCI at International Clinical Trials Day

Last week, KCI celebrated International Clinical Trials Day by coming together with 16 leading educational research institutions, hospital systems and companies at an event in San Antonio to showcase both new clinical findings and revolutionary medical solutions that are moving healing forward.


Clinical trials play an integral role in the evolution and improvement of public health, medicine, innovation and the sciences altogether, and KCI is steadfastly committed to furthering clinical evidence through trials to help achieve those objectives. With the collective goal of advancing medicine and bettering patient outcomes, clinical trials throughout the world increase the totality of scientific evidence and medical understanding that is central to solutions and breakthroughs.


It’s that global body of scientific knowledge and medical evidence that KCI researchers utilize and build upon to develop leading wound care solutions. For KCI, furthering clinical research is an essential part of the Company’s consistent commitment to creating patient-first clinical technology.


As a critical component in innovation, KCI supports clinical research in every avenue available, including the initiation of randomized-controlled trials, as well as its Investigator Initiated Studies Program. KCI’s Investigator Initiated Studies Program evaluates and provides support for research that promotes better patient outcomes and stands as a concrete commitment to furthering the global body of scientific research as it relates to wound healing.

Thank you to everyone who helped make last week’s event a success. We were proud to be a sponsor and have the opportunity to honor and recognize the important work scientists across the world are doing to improve public health through clinical research.

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