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August 05, 2019
KCI Engages the Most Global Employees Ever with Its Inaugural Get Active Challenge
KCI Holds Get Active Challenge

During the month of July, KCI hosted its first-ever, global Get Active Challenge, a health and wellness initiative intended to foster community and healthy habits among employees worldwide. The 2019 Get Active Challenge involved teams and individuals from across the world competing against one another by virtually walking, running and hiking the 1,146-mile distance between London and Rome.


Altogether, 100 teams and 700 individuals from around the globe participated in the KCI Get Active Challenge, and walked 65,000 miles over the four weeks by tracking their daily steps via a mobile app and various wearable, connected health devices. Each day, the activities of participants from across six continents were updated to continuously reflect their overall progress toward the finish line.


By creating friendly, competitive activities that encourage daily exercise, KCI sought to inspire healthy habits, while also instilling a sense of community among participants. Many teams regularly checked-in on each other’s progress, took team walks together and motivated one another to have the Will to Win.


“Initiatives like the 2019 Get Active Challenge bring our global employees closer to one another, create community and encourage healthy lifestyle habits among everyone. This challenge fostered a sense of One Acelity, one of our Shared Values here at KCI, and reminded us that we are all one team intentionally executing actions with a global mindset – all while having fun and letting our competitive sides shine a bit,” said Teresa Johnson, Senior Vice-President, Chief Human Resources Officer and Customer Success, KCI. “The phenomenal response and feedback to this inaugural challenge has shown that our colleagues are more than ready for the next Get Active Challenge to start soon.”


Research has shown that physical activity can have positive effects on cognitive ability and productivity at work, while also being incredibly beneficial for the mental and physical health of our employees. Thank you to everyone who participated in the 2019 Get Active Challenge – we are looking forward to continuing this healthy momentum.

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