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July 29, 2019
KCI Introduces Innovative Advanced Wound Dressings Products in South Africa
KCI Introduces Innovative Advanced Wound Dressings Products in South Africa

KCI, an Acelity Company, recently expanded its advanced wound dressings (AWD) presence in South Africa with the launch of KERRACONTACT™ Ag Dressing, KERRAFOAM™ Gentle Border Dressing and KERRAMAX CARE™ Dressing. The launch signifies another step in KCI’s commitment to increasing global access to its products, providing patients and clinicians with the tools needed to restore people’s lives.

Over the course of four days, KCI’s AWD and South Africa teams toured the country with international speakers to meet with more than 1,000 healthcare professionals from Johannesburg, Cape Town, Pretoria and KwaZulu Natal. The launch events will center on introducing and educating attending clinicians on the proper use and efficacy of KERRACONTACT™ Ag Dressing, KERRAFOAM™ Gentle Border Dressing and KERRAMAX CARE™ Dressing in managing complex wounds.

“The introduction of these advanced wound dressings products in South Africa represents a significant milestone for KCI’s continued global growth and increased clinician access to the latest advancements in wound care,” said Ramesh Subrahmanian, President, International, KCI. “Advanced wound dressings continue to be a key focus for our company, and by bringing these offerings to South Africa, we’re furthering that commitment and making clinical solutions available to more of the clinicians and patients who need them.”


These products stand as integral parts of KCI’s advanced wound dressing portfolio, supported by clinical evidence and associated with improved patient comfort and decreased signs and symptoms of infection.3,8 For example, KCI’s KERRACONTACT™ Ag Dressing utilizes Ag OXYSALTS™ Technology with silver in its most active state to start killing a broad spectrum of bacteria within 30 minutes of application for seven days, reducing the signs and symptoms of infection during this period.1,2,3


Furthering patient comfort and quality of life during wound management, the KERRAFOAM™ Gentle Border Dressing utilizes an advanced absorbent core to better manage wound exudate. The KERRAFOAM™ Dressing has intelligent fluid management, which locks away detrimental components of chronic wound fluid, like bacteria, to protect recovering wound tissue and surrounding healthy skin, sealing away the risk of infection and effectively reducing wound odors.4,5,6

Additionally, KERRAMAX CARE™ Dressing was developed with the patient-centric focus of minimizing discomfort and the number of dressing changes needed. With its unique wicking action, the KERRAMAX CARE™ Dressing absorbs and seals away potentially harmful wound exudate, ensuring patients don’t experience leakage, and stays dry to the touch to prevent maceration and surrounding skin problems during wound management.7,8


KCI is proud to continue expanding patient access to our advanced wound dressings offering in the region and remaining steadfast in its commitment to move healing forward.



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