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July 15, 2019
KCI Sponsors Lindsay Leg Club Foundation as Key Industry Partner
KCI Sponsors Lindsay Leg Club

KCI is now an industry partner of the Lindsay Leg Club Foundation, a UK-based collective care program focused on protecting and preserving health among individuals experiencing, or at risk of experiencing leg ulcers and other associated lower-limb conditions in the UK.

In 1995, Lindsay Leg Club Foundation founder, Ellie Lindsay, noted that social factors and isolation had the potential to significantly impact individuals experiencing leg ulcers and lower limb issues, as well as hinder their response to treatment. With this in mind, Ellie Lindsay developed the Leg Club Model, a novel psychosocial, collective care design, to facilitate a unique, communal partnership between healthcare professionals and local communities focused on treating patients collectively to spur social interactions and establish peer support. By keeping care centered in local communities, the Leg Club Foundation also helps offset the direct and indirect expenses associated with traveling for lower-limb care. Through this model, patients are empowered to take ownership of their treatment and avoid isolation by actively reintegrating into their community.

As an industry partner, KCI will support the Lindsay Leg Club Foundation by helping the organization advance education and awareness of leg ulcers and associated conditions and how these issues can be diagnosed, prevented and treated. Additionally, KCI will join the organization in furthering clinicians’ understanding of treatment tools by advising and promoting the use of the latest wound care solutions for treating leg ulcers and other lower-limb conditions. To bolster this effort, KCI has committed to contribute charitable donations to the organization for the next three years, ultimately increasing patient and clinician access to advanced wound care solutions.

“I have had the pleasure in visiting the Leg Clubs and seeing first-hand the difference they make to the quality of life for those patients living with a leg ulcer. I am delighted that KCI has become an industry partner to this foundation,” said Margo Barry, General Manager UK & Ireland.

Working with the Lindsay Leg Club Foundation, KCI is proud to help advance leg ulcer and lower-limb care and education for healthcare professionals and local communities.

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