ABTHERA ADVANCE™ Open Abdomen Dressing

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The Next Generation in Temporary Abdominal Closure

ABTHERA ADVANCE™ Open Abdomen Dressing, when used with a compatible V.A.C.® Therapy Unit, forms a temporary abdominal closure system that helps surgeons take control early when managing a challenging open abdomen and helps achieve primary fascial closure.
The ABTHERA ADVANCE™ Dressing features the ABTHERA ADVANCE™ Perforated Foam. The unique configuration of the foam is designed to collapse medially when negative pressure is applied, actively drawing wound edges together.
ABTHERA ADVANCE™ Open Abdomen Dressing is designed to:

  • Actively remove fluid and helps reduce edema1,2
  • Provide medial tension, which helps minimize fascial retraction and loss of domain2,3,4
  • Help protect abdominal contents from external environment
  • Provide separation between the abdominal wall and viscera, protecting abdominal contents
  • Allows for rapid access for re-entry and does not require sutures for placement

The ABTHERA ADVANCE™ Dressing also utilizes KCI proprietary SENSAT.R.A.C.™ Technology.  It facilitates fluid removal from the dressing and monitors negative pressure during therapy.
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ABTHERA ADVANCE ™ Open Abdomen Dressing

(1) ABTHERA™ Fenestrated Visceral Protective Layer
(2) ABTHERA ADVANCE™ Perforated Foam
(4) Drapes
(1) SENSAT.R.A.C.™ Tubing Set

This dressing is for use with the INFOV.A.C.™  Therapy Unit and V.A.C.ULTA™  Therapy Unit.  It is not for use with V.A.C. VERAFLO™ Therapy provided by the V.A.C.ULTA™  Therapy Unit.

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